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Squirrel Management Mastery: A Comprehensive Approach For Waldorf Properties

March 24, 2024 - Squirrels

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In Waldorf, homeowners can usually start to see squirrels scurrying across their yards in March or April; this is when temperatures begin to warm up, and these destructive rodents emerge from their hiding spots to start looking for more food. If you are lucky, the spring months will be the first time you see squirrels around your property. However, they are also known to sneak into warm houses and wait out the frigid temperatures in attics, which could wreak havoc in your home all year. 

No matter what time of the year squirrels decide to invade your property, they can cause significant damage to your home and landscape. At  Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we know how to prevent squirrel damage to your home. Our squirrel exterminators have mastered the art of squirrel elimination and prevention. We know the best strategies that you can use to keep squirrels away from your property all year long. 

Understanding Squirrel Nesting And Reproduction


Like many other rodents, squirrels like to build nests. They typically build their nests inside hollowed-out trees or other areas that offer protection from the outside world. They are skilled at construction and use their hands, claws, and strong teeth to build large nests from leaves, twigs, and other materials. If they decide to nest inside a home, they will use nesting materials found inside, such as insulation, paper, and cardboard. 

They use these nests all year long, but their nests are especially important during breeding season. Squirrels typically reproduce twice a year: in early spring and again during the late summer months. A female squirrel can have between two and eight babies in one litter, and the babies will usually spend the first eight to ten weeks in the nest. Once they are old enough, the baby squirrels will leave the nest and start to forage for food on their own. 

If you start seeing squirrels of all ages roaming around your yard, it is time to contact a squirrel removal service, as there is a good chance you have multiple squirrel nests on your property, 

The Impact Of Squirrels On Attics And Roofs: Repair And Prevention

To gain access to your home, squirrels will chew through the walls and roof of your house. Their strong teeth allow them to easily shred through siding, shingles, wood, and other tough materials. When trying to enter your home, they usually look for any small crack or hole in your home and chew and claw at it until it becomes big enough to act as an entrance; this is why it is important to seal any gaps or cracks around your home and repair any damage to the exterior immediately.

If you are having trouble finding any potential entrances, a local squirrel removal expert can inspect your home to ensure you don’t overlook anything. 

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

Squirrels are agile and athletic creatures. To keep them out of your yard and away from your home, our squirrel removal experts recommend using a combination of strategies, such as:

  • Place wire mesh and other barriers around plants and other objects that squirrels are attracted to. 

  • Remove piles of leaves, fallen tree branches, and other debris they can use for nesting. 

  • Use squirrel-proof bird feeders or remove the bird feeders from your yard. 

The key to keeping squirrels away from your yard is to make it seem as undesirable as possible. Consult with a squirrel extermination technician to ensure you are not accidentally attracting squirrels to your property. 

Contact The Professionals For Complete Squirrel Control For Your Yard

Keeping squirrels away from your Waldorf home can be an overwhelming task if you are attempting it by yourself. At Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we work around the clock to ensure your property is squirrel-free.

Call our squirrel control specialists today to learn more about our removal and prevention options. 

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