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Ant Control In Waldorf, MD

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Yard From Ants

Are you feeling antsy about ants taking over your property? You’re not alone! Studies show the average colony in Maryland contains between 100,000 and 500,000 ants at once. That’s thousands of hungry picnic-ruiners running around your kitchen, most of them spreading germs from place to place and destroying the health of your grass.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with never-ending ant populations, it’s time to call in the professional experts at Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. Not only do we have the time, talent, and resources necessary to get rid of ants at scale, but we have years of experience offering the best of the best to every client we serve. Just check out our incredible reviews!

You can learn more about ant control in Waldorf by calling Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. We’ll send out an educator and get you a quote as quickly as possible.

Our Ant Control Process In Waldorf

At Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, our goal is to serve each of our customers with the highest quality service possible. That’s why we follow a three-step program designed to deliver great outcomes at great prices. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and our team will handle the rest.

An inspection is required to service your home and yard in Waldorf. After all, identification is essential during the inspection and leads to differences in treatment. We want an experienced and educated inspector to visit your home before we perform the treatment, allowing us to offer our best treatment options and supply a fair and reasonable quote.

During our visit, we may ask a series of detailed questions to learn more about your circumstances. We’ll interview you about your setting and environment, then ask more detailed questions about what, where, and when you began noticing the problem. We’ll also evaluate areas of particular concern to track down where the ants are coming from.

We may check the interior and exterior of your home for the signs and symptoms of ants, including garages, porches, attics, crawl spaces, and more. Since our team has decades of combined experience serving the Waldorf area, we can identify practically any ant species that may be putting your home under siege.

No inspection service from Mike’s would be complete without some education. Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control is one of the most customer-centric companies in Waldorf and provides suggestions and personalized ant prevention tips to every single customer. We may point out some conducive conditions related to excess moisture or draw your attention to overgrown vegetation, pipe leaks, and other situations. We’ll also explain how to treat and resolve these concerns so you can efficiently defend against infestations in the future.

Now it’s time to move on to the meat and potatoes — actually treating your Waldorf lawn for ants. Here’s what you can expect from Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control ant control program:

  • Our team will apply gel baits in strategic locations. 
  • Next, we use non-repellent dust in cracks, crevices, and wall voids. 
  • If necessary, we seal up entry points like holes and treat around them. 
  • We may apply treatments to the exterior of the home or garage, including the entire foundation if needed. 
  • We follow the trail of ants back to their nesting site (if able) and treat the nesting site with effective products. 
  • From there, we will identify any satellite nests to get rid of any problems in the future.

The team at Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control goes the extra mile to ensure your property is safe, secure, and protected. Instead of providing one-time services and dicey seasonal treatments, we return after one month has passed to reapply the treatment.

This one-month visit may be our first follow-up, but it doesn’t have to be the last. We suggest following a bimonthly treatment schedule to protect your property from future infestations.

Do you have problems with ants between your services? Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control can come back and reservice at no additional charge. Since we handle all kinds of ants around Waldorf, MD, you don’t have to worry about falling outside our guarantee. Keep in mind, we bill for carpenter ants differently since they’re wood-destroying insects (WDI).

To answer any questions or speak with a representative, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control.

Annihilate Ants With Treatments From Mike's Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control

It’s time to stop worrying about ant infestations in Waldorf and get a hold of your property with high-quality solutions. Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control has served Maryland with years of combined experience and would love to offer you any of our value-driven services. Just submit an online contact form to our team today and schedule an inspection of your property.