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Attic Remediation In Southern Maryland

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What Is Attic Remediation?

Remediation is the act of remedying a problem, often reversing any damage caused. When you have a problem in your attic space, a professional can help address it completely with attic remediation.

What problems occur up there in your attic? The most common is rodent infestations. The rodents in Waldorf sometimes find their way into attic spaces and decide to create nests. After establishing a nest, the animals may go in and out of your property or remain inside. In either case, they will soil insulation, damage stored items, chew on wires, and more. If you have an unfinished attic, it is the perfect home for rodents. It's warm, safe, cozy, and secluded. Common rodents that get into attics are gray squirrels, rats, and mice.

Other wildlife may invade your attic as well, such as European starlings, raccoons, bats, or opossums. Each wildlife pest is different, requiring unique control methods. But, no matter what pest you have in your attic, whether rodents, birds, or some other critter, it is not only a headache; you may find yourself up against serious challenges such as property damage or health concerns. For assistance with attic remediation in Waldorf and surrounding areas, contact Mike's Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control. We provide a range of services to get your attic back the way you want it, maybe even better.

How We Do Attic Remediation In Waldorf & Surrounding Areas

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Our service professionals are equipped and trained to tackle tough problems. We begin with an inspection of your attic space. During the inspection, we look for feces and urine, nesting materials, spots where animals are chewing, entry points, rub marks, general damage, and more. After the inspection, we share our findings with you, listen to your concerns, and provide advice regarding your pest control and attic restoration needs.

Here are some ways we can help you with the various types of rodents and wildlife we have in our Waldorf service area:

  • Rats and mice are common and invasive pests. They require a multi-pronged solution that may include catching the rodents, removing them, rodent-proofing, clean-up, and disinfecting. The exclusion materials we install are not only appropriate for your home, but they also work to keep out tiny rodents. A little mouse can squeeze through a gap the width of a dime. 

  • Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bats, and birds are caught in traps and removed. We often install special exclusion devices to allow the animals to escape while preventing them from getting back inside. We also apply pest-proofing to seal the entry points that animals used (or made) to enter your attic.

  • Rodents and wildlife leave a mess. Our service professionals clean the mess up and replace the soiled insulation. We use professional-grade equipment to evacuate your attic space of every bit of fiberglass insulation and other debris.

  • We dispose of rats, mice, and soiled insulation, so you don't have to deal with any of it.

  • We disinfect the entire attic to eliminate microorganisms associated with human diseases and other issues.

  • Insulation is added to your attic to replace the materials removed. As professionals, we make sure to apply R49, which is the appropriate R-value insulation for attics in our region, according to the Department of Energy. The right insulation is essential for comfort and energy conservation and lowers energy costs.

There are many benefits to replacing old insulation, and some customers choose attic remediation even though they don't need rodent control or wildlife management. It is a smart investment for a healthy and comfortable home.

Along with pest control, insulation replacement, and pest-proofing, our service team can address moisture issues by installing baffles in your attic space. Baffles help to circulate the air in attics and keep humidity levels low. We also offer encapsulation services to provide a complete seal for your attic or the crawl space underneath your home. Encapsulation keeps moisture and pests out and establishes a dry space that is uninviting to many pests.

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Do you have wildlife or rodents in your attic? Want to learn more about the services mentioned here? We're happy to answer your questions and offer expert advice. Mike's Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control has the services you need for effective rodent control, wildlife management, and attic restoration in Waldorf, Mechanicsville, Owens & the surrounding areas.

Even if you don't have a problem yet, you don't have to wait to contact us. We can help prevent a problem in your attic or home. When animals explore your exterior, let them find your home sealed and protected. Jump to our contact page and fill out the short form to tell us about your pest concerns, current pest problems, or attic restoration needs. We're here to help you find answers!

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