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Rat Removal Tactics: Banishing Pests From Your Waldorf Home For Good

March 21, 2024 - Rodents

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Rats have been invading homes, vehicles, and storage containers for centuries. Having a rat invade your personal space can seem annoying and stressful. However, these rodents are more than just a nuisance pest; they are disease-ridden creatures that will destroy and contaminate almost anything they come into contact with.

At Mike’s Pest and Termite Control, our rat exterminators know that quick and effective removal is vital when you are dealing with a rat infestation. However, getting rid of rats on your own can be a dangerous endeavor. Keep reading to learn the safe steps that you can take to achieve total rat control in your home. 

How To Identify A Rat

Rats are one of the largest home-invading pests in Waldorf. They resemble other types of rodents, but their large size and unique behaviors help them stand out from other pests. They have long and slender bodies measuring 8 to 9 inches long. They also have long, furless tails about the same length as their bodies. They also have small, beady eyes, a pointed muzzle, and sharp teeth that continue to grow throughout their entire lives. 

While rats have a distinguished appearance, they can be difficult to spot because they are great at staying out of sight. If our rat extermination team is unable to spot the rats in action, some of the other signs they look for include:

  • Seeing long, slender droppings about a half-inch long and dark brown or black. 

  • Finding shredded paper, cardboard, cloth, and other soft materials shredded and formed into a ball to make a nest. 

  • Noticing small five-toed footprints around the home. 

  • Seeing holes and gnaw marks on wooden objects, drywall, food packages, and other objects around your home. 

Rats are social animals that like to live with their family members. Because they gather in such large numbers, they usually try to hide behind walls, above ceilings, or in other large areas that are difficult for humans to access.

If you are hearing scratching or high-pitched squeaking sounds but can’t figure out where they are coming from, you should have your home inspected by a rat exterminator near you

Rats Around The Home Are A Health Hazard

Rats are incredibly destructive animals. They are constantly gnawing on something. If they invade your home, you could have your clothing, furniture, home, cabinets, and other objects destroyed. 

If they aren’t chewing on something, they will most likely be running around the home, leaving their urine and feces everywhere; this is the most common way they spread dangerous diseases, like salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever. These diseases can cause mild and severe symptoms in people. 

Rat infestations are extremely dangerous and can not only cause you and your family to become ill, but they can also damage your home so severely that it will not be safe to live in. The best way to keep you and your home safe is to have a rat exterminator thoroughly inspect your home. 

Four Simple Rodent Exclusion Tips To Prevent Rats

Keeping rodents out of your home requires a long-term prevention plan. Some of the best rat control and exclusion strategies include:

  1. Keep your yard well-maintained by cutting the grass short, removing any piles of leaves and debris, and keeping tree limbs away from your home. 

  2. Store food in glass or metal containers that have a lockable lid. You can use plastic containers as long as they are made of thick plastic that is hard to gnaw through. 

  3. Install metal screens over any vent, chimney, or opening around your home. 

  4. Repair any water leaks immediately, and replace any water-damaged wood.

Often, homeowners think that small gaps around their windows and doors are too small to be of concern. However, rats are sneaky rodents that can fit through small gaps less than an inch wide. If you are unsure if your home has potential entrances, a rat removal expert can help you identify any problematic gaps. 

Call The Rat Control Experts: Ensuring Safe And Effective Elimination

While rat bites are rare, if you get too close to these dangerous rodents, they could bite or scratch you, which could cause a number of dangerous diseases. The only way to safely remove rats from your home is to have professional rat exterminators handle the job. 

At Mike’s Pest and Termite Control, we have the tools and techniques to safely and quickly eliminate rat infestations of all severities. Call us today to see how we can remove and prevent rat infestations in your Waldorf home. 

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