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Keeping pests out of your home is an ongoing process. Most homeowners tend to only think of pest problems when they are obvious, either staring them in the face or when evidence of pest activity is noticeable. Other people think that, just because they haven’t seen signs of pests, they must not be there. But these ways of thinking are flawed for two reasons. First, pests are good at hiding, so not seeing them doesn’t mean they aren’t there or aren’t drawn to your property. Secondly, if you wait until pests are already there to start worrying about defending your home, you may get property damage or health issues before you can fully eliminate them. That’s why the smartest course of action is to turn straight to the professionals for early prevention and prompt elimination of pest problems.

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we can get started right away on our pest control process:

  • Inspection: First, we check your property for signs of pest activity or areas where they might be attracted. This helps us create a customized treatment plan that fits your home.
  • Treatment: Next, we get to work on the prevention and elimination services required to keep all kinds of pests out of your property. We offer both general and targeted services depending on what pests are a concern.
  • Follow-up: We always check back with you a little while after our initial service to make sure the problem is gone and that you are satisfied with your treatment.

Don’t take a passive approach to residential pest control. Protect your Aquasco home the right way with a call to Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control.

Are Termites In Aquasco Harmful To Humans?

While termites tend to mind their own business and often aren’t even seen crawling around in the open like some other pests, they are some of the most serious infestations to have. Termites, as most people know, eat wood. That means they are attracted to our yards and homes for the plants and building materials they contain. Because termites form tunnels underground, it’s easy to not even notice they are there until the structural damage they cause is already significant. Termites can lead to collapses of trees and even roofs and walls of a home, racking up serious repair costs and posing direct threats to people who live there.

You shouldn’t risk it with termite control. Instead of waiting until the damage is obvious, contact the experts at Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control right now. We can thoroughly check your property for signs of termites, providing you peace of mind that a problem isn’t brewing without you knowing about it. If termites are found, we can quickly eliminate them before they lead to this kind of chaos. Protect your Aquasco home from termites by turning to Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control.

Most Common Pest Wildlife Found In Aquasco

When people think of pest infestations, they tend to think of tiny bugs or rodents that nest in our yards or make it inside of our homes. While these kinds of invasions are indeed common, they represent only one-half of the full picture when it comes to pest concerns. There are also the roaming wildlife pests that tend to make their homes nearby to human properties, wandering into our yards and perimeters to take advantage of the food or water they can find. These kinds of pests can still pose many problems, like property damage and health concerns, which is why it’s important to take them just as seriously.

Here are some of the most common wildlife pests in Maryland:

  • Raccoons: Known for digging through our trash cans and scrounging for their food and shelter, raccoons are common anywhere there is human development. These pests know that they can find food, water, and shelter around our homes, so they are naturally drawn to them.
  • Opossums: Another roaming pest is the opossum, which will hide in our yards from predators and take advantage of the same attractants that other pests do.
  • Bats: One of the most common nocturnal pests, bats, can even manage to get inside of homes through chimneys and open windows.

No matter what kind of pest is a concern for your Aquasco property, contact Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control to get started on overall control today.

Five Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Aquasco Home

Ants are some of the toughest pests to fully prevent and eliminate. They are tiny and form colonies of many thousands of members, meaning keeping them out of your yard and home entirely is often a lost cause. Then, even if you notice them and try to eliminate them, DIY treatments aren’t guaranteed to work because they may not address the full colony hidden somewhere below ground.

It’s important to take steps to prevent ants in the first place, turning to experts for guidance on all of the following:

  • Food Storage: Ants are drawn to food traces by their antennae, which can detect the chemical aromas of crumbs or spills. This is why you have to thoroughly clean up after meals and not leave food out.
  • Trash Storage: But ants can also find food inside trash cans, so you should also take care to keep your bins secure both inside and outdoors.
  • Crack Sealing: Because they are such tiny insects, ants can take advantage of small cracks or holes in order to get inside our walls. That’s why you should inspect and fix any blemishes you spot around your home’s exterior.
  • Moisture Control: Ants are also drawn to moist areas, so you need to ensure your home has proper ventilation and no leaking pipes.
  • Treatments: Rather than trying to address a million factors that can draw ants to your property, turn to experts for comprehensive treatments that ward off ants and other invasive pests.

Contact Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control today to get started on overall ant protection.

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