Termites 101: Understanding The Silent Destroyers In Your Waldorf Home


Termites are known around the world for their destructive behaviors. They are herbivores that like to eat an organic matter called cellulose, which you will find in wood and other plants. If a termite colony decides to invade your home, they will usually infest an area with a lot of wood so that all colony members can eat as much as they want.

Our pest management professionals at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control have a long history with termites in Waldorf. We have dealt with these destructive pests for decades and offer manytermite control services. 

Termite Infestations Can Be Tricky To Spot

Termites are known as silent invaders because they can completely infest your home without making a noise or being seen. When they find a piece of wood to eat, they will drill holes and create tunnels inside the objects the workers use to eat and gather food.

Because they completely encase themselves inside the object that they are eating, you will likely not see the termites themselves when you have an infestation. Instead, our termite exterminators usually find these signs:

  • Small pinholes in wooden objects and drywall
  • Wooden surfaces that are rough or jagged in certain areas
  • Peeling and cracking paint in certain areas of the home
  • Mud tubes plastered to the exterior of a home or building
  • Flying termites swarming a particular area 
  • Discarded wings around doors and windows

Termite damage can be subtle at first, making it challenging for some homeowners to identify. If you suspect you are seeing something unusual around the wooden areas of your home, you should schedule a termite inspection with trusted professionals. 

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Property

While termite damage may be gradual, it is consistent. The damage will likely be minimal if you catch a termite infestation in the early stages. However, if an infestation goes undetected for a long time, you could see significant damage, such as sagging ceilings, floorboards, and other structural damage. Termites won’t go away on their own and unless you take aggressive action, these little bugs will continue to destroy specific areas of your home for their entire lives.

Destruction of your property is why regular inspections are so important. You should always be on the lookout for signs of termites. It is not only a good idea to inspect your home regularly but to have it professionally inspected by a qualified termite inspector. An experienced professional will be able to detect specific signs that might not be obvious to most homeowners. 

The Pitfalls Of DIY Termite Control: What Homeowners Should Know

Do-it-yourself termite treatments are usually ineffective and can actually compound the problem. You can buy many liquids and sprays in stores that promise to eliminate all termites. However, the truth is that these chemicals are only designed to kill the termites out in the open, and because few termites roam around out in the open, most of the termites in your home won’t be affected by most DIY solutions. 

Contact Us For Termite Control Done The Right Way

Termite infestations are something that needs to be dealt with immediately. If you think that you have termites around your home, you need to give our experienced termite exterminators a call today.

At Mike’s Pest and Termite Control, we know the right way to eradicate termites from Waldorf properties.