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Coltons Point, a quaint and historic community in Maryland, is known for many things, including the gateway to the landmark St. Clement's Island, where the first colonists from England landed in 1634.

History buffs will enjoy visiting the St. Clement's Island Museum, on the eastern shore of the Potomac river, dedicated to the history and heritage of the area and which features exhibits from the colonial period, the War of 1812, and the oyster industry, among other things.

Life in beautiful Coltons Point could be close to perfect if it were not for the many pests that can invade homes throughout the year. Fortunately, many tools are available to ensure you enjoy a property free of termites, rodents, ants, and other invaders. If you are struggling with repeated infestations, Mike's Pest and Termite Control provides pest control in Coltons Point that is safe and highly rated by the community.

Residential Pest Control In Coltons Point

You know how frustrating it can be to end up with a pest infestation when you're seemingly doing everything possible to avoid it. Unfortunately, scavengers, parasitic bugs, and wood-destroying insects are resourceful and very skilled at invading homes.

At Mike's Pest and Termite Control, we strive to use Integrated Pest Management techniques and chemical-free in our treatments as much as possible. We provide services within 24 hours, and they come with a service guarantee. We are also locally owned and operated and have extensive experience dealing with local pests, making us the go-to option for all your residential pest control needs. 

Why Does My Coltons Point House Have Termites?

If your house has wooden structures, you are at risk of a termite infestation. The best way to avoid this situation is to implement prevention strategies that work along with regular termite inspections if you think you are at risk. Other factors that can lead to a termite problem are warmth and humidity, which are known to attract pests. 

If you have leaks or water damage in your home, you must fix them before they attract wood-destroying insects. Closing off access points is also very important, but in the case of termites that invade foundations and other hard-to-access areas, professional help can often be necessary. 

It is also possible that there were existing termite colonies on your property before you moved in, as they can remain hidden and go unnoticed for years. If you notice signs of an infestation and need to get rid of termites in Coltons Point quickly and effectively, call us today to tell us about your situation and learn about options that fit your needs.

What Are Effective Ways To Prevent Ticks Around A Coltons Point Property?

Ticks are common parasites and can quickly cause health problems for humans and pets. They are carriers of diseases like Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Here are some practical ways to prevent ticks around properties:

  • Keep your lawn cut short. Ticks thrive in tall grass and dense vegetation. Keeping your property mowed can help reduce tick populations.
  • Consider tick barriers. Wood chips, gravel, stone dust, and more can make it challenging for ticks to get near your home. 
  • Check for ticks regularly. Checking yourself, your family, and your pets is crucial to prevent them from hitchhiking onto your property. 
  • Schedule an inspection with a pest control professional. Ticks are prevalent around Coltons Point. We can help you keep them as far from your household as possible. 

At Mike's Pest and Termite Control, we can develop a comprehensive tick control plan to ensure you never have to deal with these parasitic pests. Call us today to speak with one of our highly trained licensed pest management professionals.

Call The Professionals For Total Mosquito Control For Your Coltons Point Yard

Living in beautiful Coltons Point can be disheartening if you feel you can't step outside your home for fear of mosquito bites. If these biting insects are disrupting your quality of life, it is time to consider mosquito control strategies to eliminate them from your property year-round. 

It is easy for mosquitoes to find hosts as they are attracted to our body heat, the carbon dioxide we exhale, and even our smell and movements. And because they require very little water to reproduce, you can end up with a full-blown infestation simply from leaving a bucket of water out. 

If you are ready to enjoy a mosquito-free property with safe treatments and prevention strategies that work, call us today to find out more about our services and discover how we can make your bug problem a thing of the past. 

Whether you are dealing with parasitic insects like ticks and mosquitoes in Coltons Point, rodents like mice and rats, or even wood-destroying pests like carpenter ants and termites, we can help. Give us a call anytime, and we will schedule satisfaction-guaranteed services within 24 hours. 

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