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There's no shortage of history in Bryantown, Maryland. Bryantown has a historic district that dates back to the Civil War as well as plenty of scenic nature to enjoy, but humans aren't the only ones interested in settling down in Bryantown. Plenty of pests like to call Bryantown home too, and they don't mind staying in your home or business, even if they haven't been invited in. 

Here's what Bryantown residents should know about Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control residential services, our termite control plans, whether ants are dangerous in Bryantown, and how to keep wildlife away from your property with Charles County pest control

Residential Pest Control In Bryantown

Your Bryantown home already requires enough maintenance, and most homeowners don't want to battle pests on top of the work they already do That's where our home pest control can come in handy. 

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, our residential services include a customer-first approach that prioritizes your home's needs. We'll start by asking you questions about your past experience and what problems you've had, and then we'll follow that up with a thorough inspection of your property. 

Depending on what we discover during your inspection plan, we'll come up with an individualized treatment plan to flush out your pests – and keep them away permanently. After that initial service, we'll follow up within thirty days and perform bi-monthly treatments. 

Is It Too Late To Protect My Bryantown Home From Termites This Summer?

Did you know that termites cost homeowners billions of dollars in property damage every year? Termites can go unnoticed for years, and if they've infested your Bryantown home, they could leave you with hefty repairs. 

The good news is that it's never too late to protect your home from these destructive pests with Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. When you contact us for help with termites, you'll get: 

  • A free inspection where we'll look for any signs of termite damage around your home
  • An individualized treatment plan that includes effective solutions to eliminate termites around your home
  • Our Advanced Termite baiting systems include a one-year renewable and transferable warranty 

If you're ready to get rid of termites call Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control today. 

Are Ants Around My Bryantown Property Dangerous?

Besides nuisance ants, a couple of ant species in Bryantown can actually become dangerous or destructive on your property. Some may cause structural damage, while the sting of others can be bad news for anyone with allergies. 

  • Thief ants: While they spend a lot of time foraging for dead insects and rodents outside, thief ants have the potential to bring bacteria or diseases into your home if they make it inside. 
  • Harvester ants: Harvester may prefer your garden, but if you encounter one of these ants, they can be aggressive and pack a sting that hurts almost as much as a bee sting. 
  • Pharaoh ants: Pharaoh ants aren't just infamously hard to control and exterminate, but they're also known for transmitting bacteria and disease too. 
  • Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants may not be a health concern, but since they like to chew through wood, these ants can cause a lot of structural damage.

Whether you're dealing with a nuisance ant or a dangerous ant, spotting these critters in your home isn't good news – and trying to deal with the infestation on your own usually only gives it more time to spiral out of control. 

The most effective way to completely rid your Bryantown home of ants is by working with a professional pest control company, like those of us at Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. 

Three Easy Tricks To Keep Problematic Wildlife Away From Your Bryantown Property

Regardless of how you feel about wildlife hanging around your property, no homeowner wants to deal with these pests inside their house. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other wildlife have a reputation for getting inside attics, where they may try to reproduce and cause even more destruction. Here are some handy tips to prevent animals and wildlife from getting into your home or property: 

  1. Make sure you trim back any low-hanging tree branches near your attic or home, which wildlife may use to climb on. Avoid leaving windows or doors open, and replace any torn or ripped screens as soon as you notice them.
  2. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for openings, holes, or other gaps that animals may use to get inside your home or attic. Patch any holes or openings in your roof, and install a chimney cap.
  3. Avoid leaving out food, water, or unsealed trash, which may attract rodents to your home.

If you do suspect that you have wildlife around your Bryantown property or any other pests, the best approach is to contact the pros at Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control to learn more about our residential home pest control or our termite services in Bryantown. 

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