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Lusby is a small town 46 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. Primarily a residential community, it's a short drive from the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River. Most properties feature trees and other plants, providing privacy away from the main roads. These aspects make Lusby a relaxing place to live.

The bodies of water and wooded areas are attractive features of Lusby but provide homes for invasive pests. These creatures enter buildings for food, water, and shelter, causing damage and spreading illnesses while inside. They're expert hiders, making them hard to find, but Lusby, MD, pest control professionals can help.

Mike's Pest and Termite Control protects Lusby and other Calvert County communities from the pests that invade homes. We provide efficient removal services to minimize threats and prevent future infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Lusby

The wooded areas surrounding Lusby properties make homes susceptible to pest infestations. These creatures invade when they can't find food and water in their natural habitats, causing damage and spreading illnesses. They hide in hard-to-reach spaces in your house, making their removal difficult without professional home pest control in Lusby, MD.

With Mike's Pest and Termite Control, our initial inspection starts in your attic and moves down to your crawlspaces and basement, searching for hiding spots and signs of activity. We'll remove webs and nests in your garage and crawlspaces and create a granular barrier to keep others from invading your house.

We'll return 30 days after our initial visit to reinspect your property and recommend recurring bi-monthly services for further protection. Call us to keep your Lusby home without unwanted pests.

Just How Destructive Can Lusby's Termites Be?

Termites are terrifying insects around Lusby homes. They nest in your soil and build underground tunnels to reach your house. When they get inside, they create tiny holes in your wood and eat it from the inside. As a result, they can remain hidden while on your property.

These tiny insects consume small portions of wood at a time, so they don't immediately cause noticeable damage. However, they remain hidden, enabling them to feast for months or years before you notice a problem. In that time, they can cause severe structural damage to your home.

Since these pests are hard to find and remove from your house, you need termite control services to end your infestation. At Mike's Pest and Termite Control, we'll inspect your property to find these creatures and use the best techniques to remove them. We'll also take preventative steps to keep others from invading.

Termites can cause significant damage to Lusby houses when they get inside your wood. Contact us to protect your home from termites.

Tips To Avoid Ticks In Lusby

Ticks are potentially dangerous animals on Lusby properties. They hitch rides into yards on wild animals, attaching to grass and climbing onto pets to access homes. Most species prefer to bite dogs and cats but will bite people when pets are unavailable.

These arachnids hide in your pets' fur, making them hard to see. Fortunately, there are tick prevention tips to keep these pests off of your property, including:

  • Keep your grass cut short.
  • Build a fence around your property.
  • Provide tick medication for your pets.
  • Remove overgrown vegetation from your yard.

These tips reduce the chances of an infestation, but ticks can still find their way onto your property. When these intruders cause you problems, Mike's Pest and Termite Control can eliminate them. With our tick control service, we'll inspect your property to find these creatures and use proven methods to remove them from your yard. We'll prevent other ticks and the wild animals that carry them from getting onto your property.

Ticks are irritating and potentially dangerous pests around Lusby homes. Give us a call if you spot these animals on your pets or property.

Mosquitoes Buzzing In Lusby? We Can Help

Mosquito bites are common occurrences during summer in Lusby. These insects are most active when it's 80°F and bite around dawn and dusk. They dehydrate in direct sunlight, so they often hide during the day. Since standing water is essential for reproduction, they often invade properties with this necessity.

Most mosquitoes on your property are harmless. They'll produce itchy bites but don't pose a health risk. However, some species can make people sick when they bite. The illnesses spread by Lusby mosquitoes include:

  • Dengue
  • West Nile virus
  • Tularemia
  • Encephalitis

Removing all mosquitoes is impossible, but Mike's Pest and Termite Control can reduce the numbers on your property. We'll start with a thorough inspection to find their resting and breeding spots, treating your shrubs and foliage with backpack sprayers. Our mist blowers can reach up to 25 feet to control spacious areas.

Our mosquito treatment products are pet and family-friendly, and we provide monthly treatments from April to October when these pests are most active. Let us know if mosquitoes are biting around your Lusby home.

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