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Reliable Pest Control In Dunkirk, MD

Next to the Patuxent River is Dunkirk, Maryland. Dunkirk provides an easy commute into Washington, D.C., for its residents and a safe, friendly place to return to each evening. Unfortunately, the pests that call Dunkirk home can ruin your ability to enjoy your house safely and comfortably. Ants, spiders, rodents, and other pests exploit the food, water, and nesting sites our properties provide them.

To convince local pests that they do not want to call your yard or house home with the help of a local expert. Mike’s Pest and Termite Control offers pest control in Dunkirk, Maryland, that you can count on to be effective. Read on to learn more about our pest control solutions.

Residential Pest Control In Dunkirk

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Pests are typically attracted to our homes because of moisture and food odors. Some will move in and out of our homes each day, and others will become permanent members of our households. Protecting your home against these unwanted intruders is a full-time job and is best left to a professional. Mike’s Pest and Termite Control is here to help you maintain a home free of our region’s most common household pests.

After contacting us, we will speak with you to gain a better understanding of what you are seeing and your specific concerns. We will then complete a thorough inspection of your home. The inspection provides helpful information, including entry points, nesting areas, identifying pests, and determining what conditions are attracting pests to your home.

Next, we will develop a unique treatment plan for your property and perform our initial treatment. Then, we return 30 days after our initial treatment to ensure complete pest elimination. Finally, we will schedule bi-monthly visits to keep your home free of pests throughout the entire year. Call and speak with one of our professionals today to learn more about residential pest control in Dunkirk or to schedule a free inspection of your home.

How Termite Activity Threatens Dunkirk Homes

Termites are not pests you can hope won’t find a way to your home. You must take proactive steps to guard your home’s structure from the damage termites can cause.

Termites are wood-eating pests. They perform a valuable service in nature, recycling fallen trees, decaying wood, and other organic items. However, when termites get into our homes and decide to feed on structural wood, they are dangerous, unwelcome pests.

While the damage that a termite’s feeding habits won’t cause serious damage overnight, a termite infestation left untreated will cause damage that is costly and difficult to repair. Across the country, termites are responsible for causing more than five billion dollars in damage each year. Don’t let your home become part of that number; take action against termites by partnering with Mike’s Pest and Termite Control.

Our termite control services in Dunkirk includes:

  • A free inspection

  • Treatment 

  • Installation of Advanced Termite Baiting System

  • Yearly follow-up visits

  • One-year renewable and transferable warranty

Learn how to remove an active termite infestation or protect your home against a future termite infestation by calling us today.

Downsides Of DIY Rodent Treatments In Dunkirk

The aisles of DIY rodent traps, baits, and other treatments found at most hardware and big box stores can make anyone think rodent removal is easy. However, rodents are agile, intelligent creatures that require the knowledge of a trained professional to remove them from Dunkirk homes.

Including not being effective, there are many other downsides to using DIY rodent treatments:

  • Time: DIY rodent control solutions will likely not work, and you have just wasted your time and allowed the infestation to continue and grow.

  • Money: After spending money on DIY solutions, you will still have to contact a professional to remove the infestation from your home.

  • Safety: Baits and traps not used or placed correctly will put your family and pets in harm’s way. 

Luckily, Mike’s Pest and Termite Control offers rodent control in Dunkirk. You can count on us to safely remove unwanted rodents from your Dunkirk property. Call and speak with one of our professionals to learn about our effective rodent control process.

Understanding Wasps And How To Prevent Them In Dunkirk

Wasps are a type of stinging insect; in nature, they are helpful predators that control insect populations and assist with pollination. Species of wasps that most people are familiar with are yellow jackets, paper wasps, and hornets. When wasps find their way into our yards to nest or forage for food, they put you and your family in danger. Sharing your backyard with wasps will likely lead to a painful sting and, for some people, a severe allergic reaction that leads to serious health concerns.

Keeping these outdoor pests at bay is tricky because our yards naturally provide wasps with food, water, and shelter. The best way to prevent issues with these unwanted pests is to partner with a local pest control expert. Through regularly scheduled pest control visits, professionals can identify and remove wasps before they take over your outdoor space.

Contact us today to learn more about the Dunkirk wasp removal and prevention services we offer. We care about your family and want to help you stay safe from wasps. 

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We were very pleased with Mike’s Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. Mike and Steve came to remove 2 big hornet nests from a tree in our yard. Great customer service from them and their office staff Angie who I had contact with a few times before the nest removal. Thank you again!

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15 July 2023
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