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Residential Pest Control In Clements

Our residential process for home pest control includes finding out what the problem is, where the problem is, and showing you what our findings are. Our technicians will conduct a top to bottom inspection, from your home's attic to its crawlspace. We will be looking at harborage areas, looking for signs of damage, build-up of droppings, and any other signs of pests. After the inspection, we will meet with you so that we can figure out and agree on a treatment plan, based on your needs and recommendations.

We will typically de-web and de-nest the exterior of your home and the garage. We will also typically treat the entire exterior with a granular barrier. Inside your home will be on a case-to-case basis because every plan is customizable to each customer. Overall, we prefer to use mechanical approaches, modifications of the environment, using baits, dust, and granular barriers instead of liquid insecticides. We find that our methods are safer and more effective than using liquid insecticides. 

Our typical ongoing residential service is bi-monthly. After 30 days, we will follow up. An inspection is performed during every service so we can be sure your home remains clear of unwanted pests.

How To Prevent Termites From Destroying Your Clements Home

Termites can be a significant problem for homeowners in Clements. These pests can cause damage to property, pose health risks, and be a general nuisance. Termites are a common problem in the local area. The area is usually warm and humid, which makes it conducive to the growth of termite colonies. Termites can cause extensive damage to buildings and furniture, especially because they are attracted to wood and other cellulose-based materials. They can also damage books and other valuable household items. Termites can go undetected for years before the damage becomes noticeable.

There are several types of termites that are common in Maryland, including subterranean termites and dampwood termites. If you are in need of termite control tips, there are several steps that homeowners can take to prevent termites from damaging their homes. Regular inspections from a professional pest control company, repairing damage, removing sources of cellulose, keeping wood away from the foundation of your home, using proper ventilation, and using termite-resistant materials can all help prevent termite infestations.

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, it is important to contact our professional team as soon as possible so that we can assess the extent of the problem and recommend a safe treatment plan for effective termite control.

Wildlife Control Solutions For Homeowners In Clements

Clements is home to a variety of wildlife, including moles, squirrels, and bats. While these animals can be beneficial to the environment, they can also cause problems for homeowners. Wildlife can cause harm to property, create health dangers, and be aggravating to deal with.

For proper wildlife control, implement steps to prevent them from accessing your property and causing damage. Try to seal any entry points wildlife could use to invade your home, remove sources of food, and use deterrents such as outdoor lights. You can also ensure that tree branches are not too close to your home and that the gutters are frequently cleaned.

If wildlife has already established a presence on your property, it is important to contact the professionals to assess the situation and recommend a course of action. Attempting removal on your own is unsafe and can bring even more problems. Trust the experts at Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control for safe and effective wildlife control solutions.

What Attracts Ants To Clements Homes?

Ants are just as much of a nuisance pest as wildlife and termites in Clements. Sometimes, homeowners are simply unaware of factors that are attracting ants to their homes. There are several factors that can attract ants to homes in Clements, which can include:

  • Food: Ants are attracted to improperly stored food, crumbs, and waste. This even includes pet food bowls that are left out overnight. Ants may be attracted to your home due to an existing food source. 
  • Water: Ants are also attracted to water. Fix any problems with excessive moisture in your home and eliminate standing water. 
  • Nesting sites: If you have rotten or damp wood around your property, ants may be attracted to your home as a potential nesting site.

By eliminating sources of food, water, and nesting sites, you can prevent ants from being attracted to your home. If you are dealing with an ant problem, however, it is important to contact the professionals for ant pest control that will show you real results. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We will be sure to provide you with expert assistance.

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