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Chesapeake Beach is a quaint waterfront community that has year-round residents as well as seasonal visitors. This town is home to an extensive bike path, safe neighborhoods, good public schools, enticing eateries, great beaches, and more opportunities for watersports than you could imagine. While Chesapeake Beach offers a lot itself, it also has the benefit of being approximately an hour outside of Washington, D.C., as well. But with seasonal conditions and a lot of water, pest problems always have the opportunity to present themselves.  

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we bring trusted pest control in Chesapeake Beachto homeowners that’s built on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. As a locally owned company, our community is everything to us, so every service that we perform is safe and thorough. The IPM approach allows us to customize each treatment plan that we implement and be nimble when we need to. It’s also how we create results for the long term. To learn more about our service offerings, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Chesapeake Beach

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we take the customer-first approach in our Chesapeake beach pest control services. Everything that we do and every service we provide is in our quest to make your home a safe place. Our general pest control offering always begins with a property inspection and a frank conversation about your concerns and any pest activity that you’ve noticed. It’s only then that we can create a treatment plan that will be suited to your needs. 

Our process is guided by the Integrated Pest Management approach, so we will limit the use of products whenever possible and focus on structural and habit changes to create long-term relief from pests. Some of the services that we may provide include de-webbing, dusting, laying granulation, and setting other bait systems. We then return 30 days later to break up the egg cycle and hopefully, we’ll see you on a bi-monthly basis from there. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, please call us today. 

Three Things Everyone In Chesapeake Beach Ought To Know About Rodents 

Though rodents are some of the most common pest invaders in the Chesapeake Beach area, there are a few things that residents might not know about them. Here are three things that everyone ought to know about these pests:

  1. They are crafty. Rodents, like mice, are capable of slipping through openings that are no bigger than a dime. Rats and squirrels are both very good climbers and will use any overhanging landscaping in order to enter a property. They will also take advantage of any garage doors that get left open. 
  2. Rodents need people. These are pests that have grown dependent on people for nearly everything. They can make a meal out of garbage scraps, but they also look for warm shelter inside of homes. 
  3. They reproduce very often. Rats typically produce six litters each year and mice have around eight, meaning an infestation can quickly grow in size. 

For more information on rodent control, call Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control today. 

Chesapeake Beach Property Owners' Guide To Effective Wildlife Control

Wildlife can bring a host of health risks and property damage to Chesapeake Beach homes. These quick tips may alleviate some of the pressures:

  • Make sure that outdoor trash receptacles always have a lid and are never overflowing. 
  • Scale back all landscaping areas to eliminate hiding spots. 
  • Turn on motion sensor sprinklers and night lights. 
  • Make sure that outdoor plumbing fixtures are functioning properly. 
  • Decorate with decoy statues and mylar balloons. 
  • Keep compost bins fully shut and never dispose of food in the yard.
  • Work with a pest control professional for wildlife control in Chesapeake Beach. 

For more information on wildlife prevention, call Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control today. 

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