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Charlotte Hall is a small, primarily residential census-designated place where many people move to start their families. There are reputable public schools here, as well as local bakeries, shops, and eateries, as well as a bike path. The proximity that Charlotte Hall has to Washington, D.C., makes it even more desirable for working professionals who seek a little slice of quiet. But even in this quiet pastoral community, pest problems develop throughout the year.

Luckily, Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control is here to help. We have more than 25 years of experience in the pest control industry, so our expert Charles County pest control delivers results. We are locally owned and operated, so we genuinely care about the safety of our community and we’re experienced with the exact pests that we treat. Furthermore, all of the services that we offer are safe and customizable because we adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Charlotte Hall

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we are dedicated to helping keep your Charlotte Hall home clear of unwanted pests with routine services that are based on the methods of Integrated Pest Management. We are a locally owned company with more than 25 years of experience and we want to see our customers succeed no matter the situation.

While we customize each service, some of the treatments that we provide include de-webbing, applying granular bait, removing wasp nests, and more. We typically offer our services on a bi-monthly basis to ensure that pests never become a problem again. For more information on our residential pest control services in Charlotte Hall, please call us today.

Three Easy & Effective Termite Protection Tips For Charlotte Hall Property Owners

Termites can be one of the most expensive pest problems for American homeowners, with their total yearly damages coming in around five billion dollars. In order for Charlotte Hall property owners to avoid termite problems, try the following three tips:

  1. Watch out for wood. The main thing that termites are looking for is wood in its various stages, so keep firewood at least 20 feet away from the home, keep 18 inches of barrier between mulch and a foundation, and keep decks in good condition.
  2. Don’t ignore moisture. One of the most enticing factors for termites is damaged wood that has encountered drips, leaks, or fungus. Look for water issues routinely and never ignore them. 
  3. Work with a professional. Whether homeowners enlist professional help for preventive treatments and monitoring or for the effective removal of an active colony, there is no replacement for this type of expertise. 

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we are the trusted experts in termite control and use Integrated Pest Management to do so. We provide free initial inspections and follow non-invasive treatment methods like our advanced baiting system that we check once a year. For more information on eliminating termites in Charlotte Hall, call us today. 

We Still Have To Keep An Eye Out For Ticks On Pets In Charlotte Hall

Ticks are a big threat to the pets of Charlotte Hall for nearly half of the calendar year. They are parasites that feed off of your cats and dogs, which can lead to Lyme disease, tularemia, and a slew of other health issues. While speaking with your veterinarian about year-round flea and tick control and using these items is a good first line of defense, it cannot be the only way that you protect your household from these dangerous pests.

You need to be concerned about ticks because there are so many ways that populations of these pests could arise on your property. One of the most common ways that these issues arise is by having a rodent or wildlife outbreak, because rats, mice, deer, and skunks can all carry ticks. Additionally, it’s very easy for you to bring them to your home unknowingly if you’ve spent any time at the park or in the woods. Rather than let tick problems happen, call Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control today for more information on seasonal tick control in Charlotte Hall. 

Why Mosquitoes In Charlotte Hall Are Attracted To Some People More Than Others

Each spring, mosquitoes start to pop up around the Charlotte Hall area and continue lurking around until the middle of fall. During this time, the female is looking for the blood that she needs in order to reproduce and to her, some people are more enticing than others. There are factors such as wearing scented perfume or laundry detergent, sweating, or drinking alcohol that can lure mosquitoes to a person, but there are also biological factors like blood type and the presence of pregnancy that will draw them to an individual. Genetics are actually responsible for 85% of the variability in whether or not a mosquito is going to be attracted to a person, which can make them very difficult to keep away.

At Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control, we provide seasonal mosquito control that follows Integrated Pest Management standards so that our customers can enjoy their time outside without the constant threat of these difficult pests in Charlotte Hall. For more information on our services, please call us today.

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