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The climate of Southern Maryland, with its intense summer humidity, lends itself to the proliferation of many kinds of pests. As a locally-owned company with over 25 years of experience dealing with pests, Mike's Pest and Termite Control understands how to help homeowners and business owners alike. 

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Managing Common Pest Infestations 

Our experienced technicians are ready to handle most pest infestations. These are some of the most frequent we see: 

  • Bed bugs: Their bites can cause discomfort and lead to skin irritation, itching, and potential allergic reactions. Infestations may result in sleep disturbances and psychological distress.
  • Birds and bats: Property damage is one possible consequence of these infestations. So are unsanitary droppings and noise problems. In extreme cases, birds and bats may even cause structural damage to your property. 
  • Rodents: Mice, rats, and other rodents can contaminate your food. Infestations can lead to health hazards, hygiene problems, and safety risks for all who live or work on a property. 
  • Spiders: The mere presence of spiders, or just their webs, can instill extreme fear in people who suffer from arachnophobia. Certain species deliver poisonous bites, and the webs themselves are often unsightly. 
  • Wildlife: Common examples include raccoons and squirrels. Their presence may disrupt ecosystems and necessitate humane removal approaches.
  • Stinging insects: The presence of a bee or wasp nest near your property can escalate the risk of stings, which are painful for all and medically serious—even fatally so—for some. 
  • Cockroaches: As carriers of pathogens, cockroaches bring health risks by contaminating surfaces and food. Infestations can lead to health issues, foodborne illnesses, and a negative perception of cleanliness in the property. 
  • Mosquitoes: Nothing can ruin an otherwise pleasant evening faster than mosquitoes. We can help you clean out the infestation by targeting breeding sites in an eco-friendly manner. 
  • Ticks: They are known for transmitting diseases and posing health risks to humans and pets. Properties near wooded areas or with outdoor spaces are particularly vulnerable. 
  • Ants: If not addressed promptly, ant trails and colonies can lead to property damage and hygiene issues.
  • Termites: Infestations can weaken wooden structures, causing property damage and financial losses. 

The Benefits of Attic Remediation

Our attic remediation offers homeowners a range of advantages, starting with these: 

  • Energy savings: Proper attic remediation can prevent outside air from getting into your home, thereby reducing pressure on the HVAC system and potentially lowering your monthly energy costs. 
  • Improved air quality: Sealing the attic helps prevent the infiltration of outdoor pollutants and allergens, leading to healthier indoor air for occupants.
  • Moisture control: Remediating the attic can mitigate moisture issues, preventing mold and mildew growth that can compromise the structural integrity of the property.
  • Extended roof lifespan: Attic remediation can help protect the roof structure by reducing temperature differentials and minimizing the risk of ice dams in winter.
  • Noise reduction: Proper insulation and sealing in the attic can also help dampen external noises, providing a quieter and more peaceful indoor atmosphere.

Ultimately, all of the above can not only make your life more comfortable but may also enhance the value of your property.

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