Termite Control 101: An Identification And Control Guide For Waldorf Properties


Would you eat a stick off the ground if you were hungry enough? Probably not. The human body is not designed to consume wood. Do you know who can consume wood? Termites. These little bugs are all over the place here in Waldorf, and they love nibbling on things that contain cellulose. If you didn’t know, your home is made of wood. This means it is susceptible to attack.

Here are some methods we recommend you use to prevent termites locally and some ways to get these pests out of your Waldorf home. Call Mike’s Pest and Termite Control if you would like to know how we handle these bugs. We will share some of our options for termite control in Waldorf and find a plan that best serves your needs.

Termite Activity: How To Identify The Signs

If you have termites in your home, you would know about it, right? Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Termites are quiet destroyers. It often takes months, if not years, for noticeable signs of their presence to show up.

Some common signs of termites in Waldorf include overly squeaky floorboards, buckling beams, sagging drywall, moisture spots, hard-to-open doors and windows, and other visible moisture or wood damage. The only two early warning signs are mud tubes and swarmers. To make sure you spot termites before they cause too much trouble, bring in our team at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control for a quick inspection. 

Devastating Effects: Understanding The Potential Damage Of Termites

If there is one thing you should know about termites, it is that they are destructive. These pests chew through the wood of homes, usually starting from the foundation and working upwards. The longer they are allowed to live indoors, the more damage they will cause. This damage comes in the form of hollow wooden structures, moisture damage, and the general weakening of beams, floors, walls, and ceilings. We have personally seen people pay thousands of dollars to fix termite damage. We have also seen properties completely taken over by these pests.

The good news is that it takes several years for these little insects to severely damage a home or building to the point of structural failure. This does not mean that you shouldn’t take action today to stop these pests before they invade. 

Understanding The Termite Threat: Why Termites Infest Homes

There are a few main reasons why termites might infest your home. The most common types of termites in our area like to eat wood that moisture has softened. Here are some things that might make your property more likely to suffer from an infestation. 

  • Wet cardboard around your yard
  • Damp newspaper near your home’s exterior
  • Uncovered wood piles
  • Piles of sticks and leaves
  • Fallen trees
  • Dead stumps
  • Sections of your home’s wood that is water damaged, rotting, or in decay

To make sure termites do not take over your property, talk with our team about our year-round termite prevention and control offerings.

Professional Termite Control: Long-Term Termite Control And Protection

It has never been easier to invest in professional termite removal and control services. Our team at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control is here and prepared to assist you with these pests if you need help.

We will pay you a visit, find out if you have a termite problem, and recommend some treatments to get and keep these pests out of your home. Call Mike's Pest and Termite Control today to find out more about our termite control and find a treatment time that works for your Waldorf property.