How Worried Should I Be About Flying Termites Around My Waldorf Home?


Spotting flying termites in Waldorf is concerning for many homeowners. After all, these pests are known for the extensive damage they can cause to residential and commercial properties alike. In this article, we'll go over what flying termites are and what could be attracting them to your home.

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What Are Flying Termites?

Each spring, as the weather warms up and new life emerges, flying swarms of termites also start to become a problem around Waldorf homes. But what are these flying termites, and why are they buzzing around in large groups? When a termite colony matures, it sends out winged reproductive termites called alates. These alates are designed to find a new location to build their nests and start a new termite colony. Flying termites are also called "swarmers" due to their habit of flying around together in a swarm during spring and early summer.

If you begin noticing termite swarmers flying around your Waldorf home, you should reach out for professional help right away. At Mike's Pest and Termite Control, we have the experience necessary to control and eliminate all kinds of pests, including termites. 

Does Seeing Flying Termites Mean My Home Has Termites?

Seeing flying termite swarmers around your residential property is a cause for concern. Although spotting these pests buzzing throughout your neighborhood isn't an immediate indicator that termites are living in your home, it does indicate that a mature termite colony exists somewhere nearby. In some cases, termite swarmers may come from a nest that's already established in your home.

However, the only way to know for certain if there's a termite infestation in your home is to contact a licensed pest control provider like Mike's Pest and Termite Control. We provide excellent solutions to help identify, eliminate, and prevent termites year-round. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services or to request a termite inspection. 

What's Attracting Flying Termites To My Home?

When it comes to keeping termites away from your property, one of the best things you can do is eliminate factors that may attract them. A few things that draw termites to Waldorf homes include:

  • Excessive moisture, which can be caused by leaking pipes and faucets
  • Wood-based mulch products
  • Stumps, logs, and other wooden debris in your lawn
  • Small gaps and crevices in your exterior walls

If you notice signs of termites around your home, then it's time to contact the professionals. Let our technicians from Mike's Pest and Termite Control take care of your termite control and prevention needs. 

Whom Should I Call About Flying Termites Around My Home?

Applying termite prevention techniques may help temporarily, but what should you do if termites infest your residential property anyway? At Mike's Pest and Termite Control, we're committed to helping Waldorf homeowners protect their properties from the damage termite infestations cause. With over 25 years of experience in the pest management industry, we're the right choice for your termite control needs. We'll work quickly to identify the source of your infestation and implement strategies to eliminate it.

Don't wait for termites to invade your property and start causing damage to the structural integrity of your home. Instead, turn to Mike's Pest and Termite Control for help with your termite problems.