Have You Seen Swarming Termites Around Your Waldorf Home?


Do you know that termites can sometimes fly? While termites usually aren't pests associated with flight, certain termites known as termite swarmers will emerge from their nests and fly away. These termites are termite swarmers, and they are often the first sign of a Waldorf termite infestation.

If you want to keep your property protected from extensive termite damage, you'll want to read this detailed guide. We'll tell you all you need to know about termite swarmers and how to look out for more signs that you have termites.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

Termite swarmers are simply the termites in a colony responsible for reproduction. While many termites never leave the nest, these do. Termite swarmers emerge during termite season, which can begin early spring to late fall. Once established, termite colonies are active throughout the year; only during termite season can these pests expand to new areas and breed.

Termite swarmers, also known as termite alates, look similar to flying ants. They are usually brown or black, and they have long translucent wings.

While termite season can last for weeks or longer, the termite swarms themselves only last about 30 minutes. The termite swarmers come out of their nests and search for a new palace to build a colony during that short period. However, they can't survive for long without humidity and soil, so if they don't find a new place to burrow, they will die.

Termite Swarmer Warning Signs

The most obvious sign of termite swarmers is seeing an active swarm, but these are relatively rare. There are, however, some other signs of termites in Waldorf to watch out for, such as:

  • Finding discarded wings from the termite swarms.
  • Hearing hollow-sounding wood inside your house.
  • Discovering termite "frass," which looks like sawdust next to wooden structures.

If you notice signs of termites, especially termite swarmers, outside of your home, you may not have an infestation yet. However, if you see these signs inside your home, you likely already have termites damaging your home.

Termites Are A Constant Problem In Waldorf

As mentioned above, termites in our area are active year-round. Once they live inside your house, they will chew through wooden items 24/7. The damage might not show up right away, but it will still be happening, slowly but surely. Over time, termites can destroy walls, flooring, and support beams. In around eight to ten years, termites can completely ruin a building.

The best way to protect your home, and wallet, from the issues termites cause, is to contact the Waldorf pest control experts at Mike's Pest, Termite and Wildlife Control. While you could try to implement termite removal methods on your own, this approach rarely works, and you'll likely end up frustrated with little to no success.

Why Professional Termite Control Is Essential In Waldorf

While termites in Waldorf are a big problem, dealing with them isn't hopeless. You can get quick and reliable termite control services by contacting Mike's Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control. We start by eliminating any current termite problems, and then we apply preventive methods such as exclusion efforts to deter termites in the future. Reach out to request a quote or book an inspection.