Effective Solutions For Bird Control: Professional Services You Can Count On In Waldorf


Pest control in Waldorf is a necessity if you plan to keep your home pest-free. Not only do these pests colonize properties in droves, but they also create a host of problems for you and your loved ones.

Birds naturally seek areas that offer plenty of food, water, and shelter – which includes your Waldorf home. Once birds learn that your home is a great place to build their nests, they can create a number of problems around your property.

Mike’s Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control understands the severe impacts of pest bird infestations. That’s why we wrote this comprehensive guide: to help you navigate the ins and outs of effective bird control.

First, we cover the common types of pest birds and explain how you can identify their presence. Then, we point out solutions for your bird pest control problem, including how the team at Mike’s Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control can help.

Common Pest Birds: How To Identify The Culprit Invading Your Property

Birds can cause a lot of problems around your Waldorf property.

Here are some of the pest birds you may encounter around your home:

  • Seagulls: These large birds easily live alongside humans. If you’ve been to the beach, you’ve seen a seagull.
  • Pigeons: Pigeons leave droppings all over the places they roost, leading to slipping hazards for humans. These pests have darker blue-gray heads and lighter-colored bodies and wings.
  • Woodpeckers: These birds have powerful beaks for boring into trees, which means they can damage your home easily. You can identify these pests by their vivid black and white stripes, including the white stripe running down their backs.
  • Starlings: Starlings tend to gather in large flocks and can foul everything below their roosting areas. They also take over yards and gardens and leave a large amount of manure behind.

Residential bird control in Waldorf is often a perilous process requiring the help of a professional. As you can see below, there are many dangers involved with addressing these pests yourself.

Property Damage And Health Risks: Consequences Of A Bird Infestation

Bird infestations can lead to a number of problems for you, your home, and your loved ones. Although they rarely bite or scratch like other pests, their messy behaviors can still put you in harm’s way.

For starters, pest birds are well-versed in the art of leaving a messy home. Their nests often overflow with waste or half-eaten food, which creates an unsightly appearance and an unsettling environment for your family.

Large amounts of waste can also lead to other problems, namely the spread of disease. Built-up droppings on sidewalks and stairs can even lead to tripping hazards in rare cases.

Worst of all, some pest birds can spread secondary pest infestations such as mites, fleas, and ticks. These parasitic pests won’t waste time moving into your home and can potentially feed on you and your loved ones. Since pests like ticks also spread disease, you may be exposed to multiple illnesses at once.

Worried about a potential bird infestation near your home? Let’s take a look at some proactive bird control methods.

Proactive Steps For Bird Deterrence: Practical Tips To Prevent Birds

There’s no need to live with a bird infestation. By following these helpful bird prevention tips, you can stop pest birds from gaining an edge around your property.

  • Remove any birdhouses around the yard and stop feeding the birds if possible.
  • Hang signs asking others not to feed the birds in your area.
  • Install chimney caps, fix screens, and patch any holes leading to the inside of your home.

If you already have a bird control problem around your Waldorf home, these prevention steps will not be enough to keep your family safe. Instead, you need to look at additional solutions with the help of a professional team, including the hardworking crew at Mike’s Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control.

Sound Solutions For Bird Control: Expert Services You Can Count On

Birds in Waldorf don’t stand a chance against Mike’s Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control. We have years of experience in the bird control industry and stand ready to assist your home or business as well.

First, we evaluate your surrounding conditions to determine the best course of action for your home. Then, we take a multistep approach to pest bird control, mitigation, and exclusion. We are always available to answer any questions and help you choose the best solution for your property.

Ready to get started? Call Mike’s Pest, Termite, and Wildlife Control today. Our bird control solutions are just ten numbers away.