Effective Skunk Control: Removing And Preventing Skunk Infestations Around Your Waldorf Home


Owners of homes in the Waldorf region often find that forms of wildlife in residential settings may create property damage and pose safety concerns for humans and pets.  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has guidelines regarding trapping or shooting types of nuisance wildlife. The state laws further restrict the relocation of certain rabies-vector species, such as skunks and raccoons. The eastern striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is among the most potentially problematic wildlife homeowners might encounter on their property.

Do you need a provider of professional pest control for skunks? A Waldorf pest control company understands how to safely perform nuisance wildlife removal services that will solve these problems.

The Behavior And Habits Of Skunks: Understanding Their Patterns

Most skunks in this region are roughly the size of a domestic cat, weighing approximately eight pounds. Skunks have a distinctive appearance with a white stripe that extends from their head down their back and a bushy, white, and black tail. Skunks are primarily nocturnal creatures that will live in dens with others for a short time; however, these creatures are solitary for most of their lives.

Striped skunks do not hibernate, yet they will often not emerge during harsh winter weather. Although these types of skunks ordinarily exist in wooded areas or fields filled with trees and vegetation, they will consume an omnivorous diet that may include insects, eggs, nuts, or fruits, which makes them versatile and adaptable across most environments. Skunks generally will live in proximity to sources of water.

Mating season for skunks typically begins in late February or March, and several months later, a litter of approximately four to six “kits” emerges. Most young skunks will leave their mother during the late summer or fall months of the same year.

Dangers Of A Skunk Infestation: Why You Don't Want These Guys Around

When skunks perceive danger, they will initially attempt to flee into hiding. When unable to outrun their aggressor, they often raise their tail and move their front legs in a defensive posture. Their final defense strategy involves spraying a foul liquid from their anal glands, which is fairly potent and may result in nausea and short-term blindness.

Skunks entering your property may introduce a host of potentially harmful pests, including fleas and ticks, which are common carriers of tapeworm, tularemia, Lyme disease, and other substantial health-related concerns. Skunks are also carriers of the rabies virus. In many instances, rabid skunks will appear sick and behave abnormally. For example, skunks with rabies might act overly aggressively, generate unusual sounds, and appear disoriented.

Skunk Prevention Strategies: Proactive Steps To Keep Skunks Away

What are some of the best proactive skunk control measures that property owners in Waldorf should consider to prevent these unwanted creatures?

  • Identify and prevent entry into potential sites that might serve as dens, including openings to areas beneath porches, decks, or crawl spaces.
  • Always place trash bags containing food scraps in durable, sealed garbage receptacles.
  • Limit food sources outdoors by not placing pet food bowls on decks or patios, removing bird feeders, and cleaning up thoroughly after cookouts.
  • Properly treat your lawn to prevent grubs and other pests that skunks eat.

Too many homeowners mistakenly take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself home skunk control products sold by local retailers.

Skunk Removal Services: Why Professional Control is Crucial

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Reach out today for help with skunks, and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Waldorf.