How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs In Your Waldorf Yard


Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are a common problem for Waldorf residents. Groundhogs are tough, durable pest rodents that have a knack for surviving outdoors. They are social creatures and tend to like to live together in groups. Groundhogs burrow underground, and because of this, they can be difficult to remove. They do not respond well to DIY pest control methods and are wary, avoidant pests. Groundhog control can be difficult once groundhogs have established a home on your property.

Pest control in Waldorf doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Mike’s Pest and Termite Control professionals know all about groundhog removal, and we can help you get rid of groundhogs today. Call us for help.

How To Identify A Groundhog

Groundhogs are members of the squirrel family. They are stocky and sit low to the ground, running on short, powerful legs that they also use to dig their burrows. They run when confronted, but are not overly fast. Their fur somewhat resembles that of squirrels but is coarse and thick. They have short ears, large, short, blunt muzzles, and dark black eyes. They are highly avoidant, and will immediately run for their burrows if approached. Groundhogs are extremely wary rodents, who are constantly on the lookout for danger.

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Groundhogs Hanging Around Your Yard Can Be Problematic

Groundhogs tend to be binge eaters. Once they find a good supply of food, they will consume it rapidly. This is especially true between the spring and fall when groundhogs often double their body weight. Groundhogs can thus be extremely damaging to your gardens and greenery. Further, their tendency to build multiple burrows can damage the ground around your property and introduce the danger of falls. Groundhogs can also tunnel below foundations and other structural features on your property, introducing you to the risk of expensive structural property damage.

Groundhogs can introduce you to a lot of different problems on your Waldorf property. If you need help to get rid of groundhogs today, call Mike’s Pest and Termite Control. We can help you get rid of groundhogs and keep them away. 

Factors That Attract Groundhogs To Your Yard

Groundhogs are colony-building rodents, and will always seek to build their burrows in areas that offer them water and food sources, and a short trip between their burrow and their food sources as well as plenty of room to grow. They are highly attracted to quality food sources. Groundhogs can eat up to a pound and a half of food per day, and many gardens have exactly the kind of food that they want. Finally, groundhogs vastly prefer building their burrows in relatively quiet surroundings. Many gardens and greenery plantings are far enough away from humans that groundhogs feel comfortable building their burrows there.

Mike’s Pest and Termite Control professionals know all of the best groundhog control methods, and we stand ready to serve you. Drop us a line today to discuss all the ways we can help you get rid of groundhogs. 

Contact The Wildlife Experts About Your Groundhog Problem

DIY groundhog control methods are not generally effective. Groundhogs can be somewhat problematic to eliminate and keep from recurring. If you have groundhogs on your Waldorf property and want them gone as soon as possible, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you. Our seasoned professional staff knows all about groundhog prevention and control, and we can help you with yours.