Keep Ants At Bay: Effective Prevention And Control Strategies For Waldorf Homes


When ants get into a home, they do their best to take over. This is to say, they claim as many food sources as possible and occasionally build nests inside wall voids and beneath floors. As you might imagine, this is a big problem. An even bigger problem is finding a method to effectively control these pests before they cause too much trouble.

Here are some things our team of experts want you to know about the different types of ants in Waldorf and some methods to get and keep them out of your home. If you do not have time to deal with these pests on your own and want assistance removing a problem from your home, call our team at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control. We will share our Waldorf ant removal and prevention options with you and help you find a reliable service to get and keep these pests out of your home. 

Types Of Ants: Understanding Common Ant Species

Waldorf is home to a wide variety of pest problems. Many local insects that invade homes are ants. Ants are social creatures that live in large colonies, usually underground. Certain species can build nests inside homes and do so more commonly during periods of inclement weather, like the winter months.

Common types of Waldorf ants you should know about are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, and pharaoh ants. These species vary in color from black to red to brown and are anywhere between 1/16 and ?” long. Carpenter ants are the largest local species. This pest has a large head and strong mandibles that it uses to chew tunnels into the wood of homes and trees. If you would like help finding out if your home has an active ant infestation, talk with our team about our detailed inspection offerings.  We would love to help you find out what you are up against.

Assessing The Risks: The Problems Created By Ant Infestations

Not all ants are a threat to your health or home. Many local species are just annoying and cause problems with the way they actively crawl through living areas and contaminate food. Keeping this in mind, there are a few species that do cause some serious issues when they come indoors.

We are going to focus on carpenter ants and pharaoh ants. Carpenter ants build their nests inside structures of wood that are water-damaged or softened in other ways. If you live in an older home or there are sections of your home’s wood that are affected in this way, you might have trouble with these destructive little insects. On the other side of things, there are pharaoh ants. These pests spread sickness-causing organisms like salmonellosis and staphylococcus. They pick up these bacteria from the trash cans and other dirty areas they scavenge in. To help you protect your health and home, here are some things you should know about ant pest control.

Ant Prevention Strategies: Using Science To Keep Ants Out

Hopefully, you are not currently dealing with an active ant problem inside your home. If you have some time on your hands and do not want these pests coming indoors, here are some ant prevention tips to use. 

  • Address potential entry points in your home’s exterior, like gaps and cracks in its foundation and spacing around windows and doors.
  • Keep your living areas clean and store leftover food inside air-tight containers.
  • Fix moisture problems and repair sections of your home’s wood that are water-damaged.
  • Make sure that all trash bins have tight-fitting lids.

If you would like a guaranteed option for local ant control, talk with our team at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control. 

Professional Pest Control: A Smart Ant Control Solution

When is it the right time to invest in professional ant control in Waldorf? We think you should call in an expert the moment you find these bugs skittering around your living areas. If you are looking for the absolute best options to combat these or other pests locally, look to Mike’s Pest and Termite Control. We are a local and highly-trained group of technicians and service specialists who have your best interest at heart.

Let us find out what types of ants you are dealing with inside and around your Waldorf home and offer some quick treatment services to give them the boot fast. Contact our team at Mike's Pest and Termite Control to learn more about our services or to make an appointment for your Waldorf property.