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Bat Identification & Prevention

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What are bats?

Bats belong to the scientific order of Chiroptera, and they are the only mammals capable of achieving sustained flight. They are an important part of our ecosystem, but they can also be major nuisances and even present health and safety risks once they infest your property.

Bats can be identified by their brown or gray fur, leathery-looking wings, and furry bodies. They grow between two inches and five feet, depending on the species, and they may weigh between one ounce and three pounds. They have short snouts, large ears that look like a rodent’s ears, and primarily use echolocation to navigate and find food.

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Are bats dangerous?

Bats are dangerous, and bat removal is essential to avoid the problems that a bat infestation might bring. Bat droppings are known to spread diseases, such as histoplasmosis, and bats themselves can be carriers of serious illnesses such as rabies.

Removing bats that have moved onto your property is also vital to avoid attacks from these pests that might spread disease or cause infection, in addition to stopping bats from dropping the fleas, bed bugs, and mites they may carry in your fur onto your property. Contact our bat control specialists at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control for more information.

Why do I have a bat problem?

A bat problem on your property is typically caused by these pests finding their way into gaps around your property, primarily targeting attics, crawl spaces, and insulation areas. They may be looking for easy shelter or easy food and moisture sources, and having these factors on display only encourages bat infestations and other pest problems.

Where will I find bats?

Bats are typically found in secluded, dark, and elevated areas. Bat infestations often occur in attics due to the dark and quiet nature of these spaces, but you may also find bats in crawl spaces, in the void between walls, and hiding in areas of insulation. Outside, bats are usually found in trees, caves, barns, sheds, or other outbuildings.

How do I get rid of bats?

If you want to get rid of bats without accidentally exposing yourself to the dangers of these pests, then your best option is to invest in professional home pest control in Waldorf. Our team at Mike’s Pest and Termite Control is ready to help you deal with any scale of bat infestation on your property. We’ll inspect exterior areas and listen to your pest control concerns, developing treatment plans that suit your bat removal needs.

Contact Mike’s Pest and Termite Control today to learn more about our bat control services or to get started protecting your property from this pest.

How can I prevent bats in the future?

Prevent bats in the future by following these tips to decrease the chances of bat infestation on your property:

  • Seal potential bat entry points around the attic and roof to prevent bats from entering.
  • Place mesh screens over vented areas around attics and crawl spaces to keep bats out.
  • Address bat pest prey issues on your property with the help of Mike’s Pest and Termite Control.
  • Utilize the scent of peppermint, mothballs, or eucalyptus in attics, crawl spaces, and storage areas to deter bats.
  • Install motion-activated lights or noise sensors around your property to stop bats from settling around exterior or interior areas.
  • Cut back trees so overhanging branches aren’t near roofs and attic spaces, encouraging bats to enter.
  • Hang reflective objects around potential bat entry points to scare them away from your property.

Reach out to Mike’s Pest and Termite Control for more bat prevention advice or professional bat removal services.

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